Pure Dusseldorf.

A fashion capital, trade show hotspot, art centre, and shopping hub: The Rhine metropolis attracts, grows, and reinvents itself again and again. PANDION ALBERTUSSEE – the Dusseldorf lifestyle, living directly on the lake, jogging alongside the banks of the Rhine, strolling and going out in chic Oberkassel, and just a short distance from the city. Heerdt and Oberkassel offer everything a cosmopolitan heart could desire, while the old town and the Kö are only 15 minutes away.



15 min

19 min

DUS Airport

15 min

34 min

Central Station

15 min

24 min

Belsenplatz, Oberkassel

  6 min

  8 min

Neighbourhood tips

Heerdt: Dusseldorf’s
new place to be.

Heerdt is the perfect place to enjoy the best of both worlds. This area features a high quality of life, a charming centre around Nikolaus-Knopp-Platz, many young residents and attractive new homes. Also worth mentioning: the speedy connections to the city centre and the beautiful fields along the banks of the Rhine.

Oberkassel is left of the Rhine
and the right place to be.

The natural mix of historic buildings, a pleasing atmosphere, chic boutiques, and stunning views across the Dusseldorf skyline make this district especially attractive. The central and main street is Luegallee, with its delightful side streets, restaurants, and cafés. This is a place to meet friends, soak up the atmosphere, and explore.